Mar 11, 2022 • 51M

The 7 Vices & Virtues

Ep. 111

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Tsh Oxenreider
Seth Haines
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We’ve all heard of the seven deadly sins, but what good does it do to think about them in our modern, well-intentioned lives? Maybe more to the point — why does contemplating about them bring us hope? It’s because of their corresponding virtues. Seth and Tsh talk about what this looks like in their own lives.

As a reference, here are the seven pairs of vices and virtues:

  • Pride: A desire for excellence in excess of right reason

    Humility: A rightly-ordered estimation of excellence

  • Gluttony: A disordered desire for good things

    Temperance: A desire to keep good things in their rightful place

  • Lust: A disordered desire for pleasure

    Chastity: A rightly-ordered desire for pleasure

  • Envy: Sorrow for another’s good

    Love: To will the good of the other

  • Greed: A desire for more than is needed

    Generosity/charity: A desire for enough for all

  • Anger: A desire for vengeance contrary to reason

    Meekness: Power under control

  • Sloth: Sorrow for spiritual good; the absence of care

    Diligence: Taking care to do what we value most