5 Quick Things #166 🥃

unshakable things, botched art, poo-free, & a drink with a friend

Hey there,

After a few weeks of more screen time than I care to admit, I’m looking forward to a weekend as offline as possible. You too? I plan to work in the backyard garden, make some headway on the current novel on my nightstand, and maybe touch-up paint the bathroom. I’m also itching to bake a pie — I’ve bookmarked this (healthier) and this (less so).

I’ve got my fall playlist on repeat, holding off on this for just a few more weeks. And I’ll remind you again below, but heads up that Shadow & Light is half-off for just a few more days! …Read all the way to the bottom for a fun thing I’m releasing for you to prep for Advent — basically, it’ll help you prepare to prepare for Christmas. 🎄

Friends ride modified Harry Potter-esque electric unicycles in Sao Paolo, Brazil. #

5 Quick Things ☕️

1. This week I re-posted AoS’ second-most popular post of all time. I wrote it over a decade ago, and it continues to amaze me how often it’s read every week.

2. Today on the pod I started a new series called A Drink With a Friend with my longtime friend and fellow writer Seth Haines. I think you’ll dig it.

3. The health secrets of those who got fitter during lockdown. *scribbles notes*

4. Remember that botched art restoration job back in 2012? It’s happened again — twice.

5. “There’s no need to worry about unshakeable things.”

Quotable 💬

“Ordinary isn’t the enemy but instead something nourishing and unavoidable, the bedrock upon which the rest of experience ebbs and flows. ...I’m reminded, if only for a moment, that I need a lot less than I think I do and that I don’t have to leave my kitchen to get it.”

― Mike Powell #

Time Machine ⏰

Five years ago, Ed wrote about how he’s not dominating the world and you can, too.

Elsewhere 📍

Advent Countdown: 16 Days ✨

You already know this: it’s time to get your copy of Shadow & Light if you haven’t yet. It’s currently 50% off exclusively here, but only until November 16 (three more days at the time of my writing). It’s an exceptional book to go through with your people (even remotely), so this is a great price to buy multiple copies.

Then once you do, head here to join the Advent Community. I’m releasing an exclusive pre-advent audio series just for the Community — daily short reflections for the two weeks leading up to Advent to help us prepare inwardly (here’s a sneak peek). I’d love you to have access to this!

Have a good weekend,

xo, Tsh

p.s. This is a good, important map.