5 Quick Things #174 ⛷

St. Benedict, broccoli vs. carrots, 52 places, & of course — insurrection

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If you’re like me, you get eighteen-bajillion newsletters on Friday mornings now. Not saying I started this trend (NOT AT ALL), but when I started rhythmically sending this letter on Friday mornings several years ago, this space wasn’t nearly as crowded. I hope you still find 5QT quick, insightful, encouraging, and a lovely pairing with your morning coffee (or preferred final workday read for your train commute home, as some of you in Europe have told me).

I’ll be honest: it’s in my top three of favorite work things I do all week. It’s truly a delight to check in with you here.

Spain had an unusual amount of snowfall this week. #

5 Quick Things ☕️

1. I wrote a piece for Public Discourse about how creating a Rule of Life has helped me, both when I’m backpacking around the world with my kids and in (especially in?) “normal” life.

2. Seth & I unpack how we deal with the emotions of witnessing a Christian insurrection. The short answer is: we don’t. The longer answer is: we choose joy, hope, & peace though we've considered all the facts.

3. A note to my grandkids about January 6, 2021: “I want you to grow up and care more about the people around you than you do about winning an argument, or an election.”

4. I’m gonna dive more deeply into this one today: six techniques to help you bridge differences.

5. And finally, if you need a little escapism while you wait to safely fly again, here are 52 places to love in 2021. Sigh… hello, other places. I miss you.

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“Maturity is learning how to start when you feel like procrastinating and learning how to listen when you feel like talking.”

― James Clear #

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p.s. Y’all keep asking me if I’ve finalized the wallpaper choice for my backyard office, the #JoMarchWritingCabin. I’m happy to report: yep! More pics soon.