5 Quick Things #183 🍊

Field and flower, unfollow, Clementine, & the history of the mask

Hey there,

Grading papers, writing words, watering raised beds, walking dogs, chiding chore-avoiding children, driving dogs to vet appointments, reading in bed with one eye open, watching late-night hosts sprinkle light on news, pouring another cup of coffee, rocking in the squeaky front porch chair… that’s been my week. How about yours?

I’ve taken a short break from my usual rhythms and routines this week, the scaffolding upon which I can hang my hours and bookend my days. I feel the difference in my bones, and I miss it. A respite is lovely, but my soul clamors for structure — a gentle one, of course. Funny, isn’t it? Next week.

Images of New Yorkers lost to COVID projected onto the Brooklyn Bridge. #

5 Quick Things ☕️

1. This week on the pod Seth and I are joined by none other than Seth’s editor, Stephanie Duncan Smith! We unpack the previous episode to talk about what makes for good reading and writing, why we need better (new) stories, and the sacramental act of bleeding on paper. (Bonus: I read a snippet from my novel.)

2. Speaking of, I dig Seth’s perspective here: “More than anything, we need the space to cultivate deeper influencers, and by that, I do not mean Social Media Influencers™, I mean the true influencers of life—flesh and bone, field and flower, wind and Spirit.”

3. On sorta that topic, a year ago Emily shared words about her mixed feelings about Instagram, and I resonate so deeply. “If it doesn’t make your life – and more importantly – your soul better, let it go. Unfollow.”

4. Along the vein of telling good stories, I was mesmerized by the history of the N95 mask on Throughline (one of my very favorite podcasts — they’re a must-listen).

5. And finally, I enjoyed listening to David French unpack why certain Christian segments are so easily persuaded by conspiracy theories. (It’s a video, but you can hit play and listen as you do other things; no need to watch.)

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Quotable 💬

“I got tears in my eyes, but they were not the crying kind, they were just the kind that show you your body agrees so much with what your mind just said.”

― Elizabeth Berg #

From the Community 🏠

In case you missed it, we’re attempting a first-ever B&C Spring Book Swap! Deadline to sign up is today and we’ll randomly assign names next week, so hurry on over and sign up if you’d like to partake. Surprise a kindred-spirit-stranger with a book you love.

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Question For You to Ponder… 🤔

If someone could only see my actions, what would they say I care about?

Have a good weekend!

xo, Tsh

p.s. This is sweet.