5 Quick Things #186 ✍️

Friend circles, itches for change, Hemingway's MO, & fighting bagels

Hey there,

How was your week? It was one of those whoooosh, how-is-it-Friday-already? sort of weeks, but here we are — I’ll take it, happily. My book’s manuscript deadline is staring me in the face, and this is admittedly the hardest book yet I’ve had to write. But not for the conventional reasons: it’s not that long, it’s about a subject I enjoy, and I have plenty to say on the matter.

Yep, you guessed it — it’s because of a super-tight deadline with kiddos, as much as I love them. Even with two teens and a tween, I’m having to write in the nooks and crannies throughout my days, and that, friends, is a hard way to write a book. No complaints in the slightest; I’m honored and grateful I get to do this. But I’ve had to write this book fast, and like all of us this past year, the pandemic means everyone’s home so much more. My mama role is my priority, of course, but yep… I raise a glass to you fellow working-moms-at-home these days. 🍻

In Switzerland, candles burn close to vineyard crops to keep them warm. #

5 Quick Things ☕️

1. In today’s Drink, I walk Seth through a method of creating his own personal Rule of Life*, one that he can tweak and adjust for the rest of his life — and you, dear listener, can do the same. *a commitment to live your life in a particular way

2. In defense of thinking. As a card-carrying tend-to-live-in-my-head-er, I am HERE for this.

3. “For many of us the pandemic was a great social winnowing, a paring down of our widest circles of friends to a skeleton crew of essentials.” We want our friends back — but which ones? Food for thought.

4. I was engrossed by yet another excellent epsiode of Throughline — this one on the history of tipping. It’s not what you would think, and yet if you know America, it also totally is.

5. And finally, use this checklist if this year of pandemic has given you the itch for a career change (ht to Further, one of my weekly reads as a young gen-xer).

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Quotable 💬

“Maturity is learning how to start when you feel like procrastinating and learning how to listen when you feel like talking.”

― James Clear #

From the Community 🏠

This week I asked you guys one of my favorite quarterly check-in questions for my own self: What’s on your current to-DON’T do list? As always, you had great answers.

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Question For You to Ponder… 🤔

In what one way am I living the way others expect vs. what I actually want?

Have a good weekend!

xo, Tsh

p.s. I can’t stop laughing at this. It’s so dumb.