5 Quick Things, #119 🤶

Trader Joe's holiday must-haves, paper snowflakes > gingerbread houses, & love letters in stockings

Why hello!

Whew… Yesterday was the last day of classes before our school’s holiday break (we get three weeks!), so today I’m furiously grading the last few research essays on my stack, as well as a whole slew of delightful attempts at poetry. I never thought I’d love this side of my work as much as I do. If you ever have a chance to spend more time around teenagers, I highly recommend it — it keeps you feeling younger.

Speaking of teens… Last night I sat through youth theater auditions, as it seems I now do several times a year. I heard several renditions of “If I Were a Rich Man,” a few of “Miracle of Miracles,” and about 8,582 versions of “Matchmaker.” Any guesses what show they’re doing next? 😉

p.s. — Speaking of music, make sure you’ve got my Advent playlist in your collection — and I’m also a fan of Rabbit Room’s Advent collection. Christmastide begins in less than two weeks (as my kids remind me daily), so savor this Advent season of already/not yet. The feasting will be here before we know it!

5 Quick Things ☕️

1. I’m sharing my holiday to-do and to-don’t lists. (If you’re a subscriber, you remember our conversation about this a few weeks ago.)

2. Pour a cuppa something and snuggle in to read this delightful piece about a slow, sacred Christmas day on a farm. I loved this.

3. Christine and I share our current holiday-themed Good Lists: a thing, a habit, a work of art, and an idea that’s making both our lives a bit better right now.

4. What great advice — I think it’s wise especially this time of year. (You know I’m such a big fan of his.)

5. Okay, this is so sweet.

Quotable 💬

"It is now, at Advent, that I am given the chance to suspend all expectation, and instead to revel in the mystery."

- Jerusalem Greer

Time Machine ⏰

Three years ago, Nina wrote about how to give generously with only five dollars.

Have a great weekend!

xo, Tsh

p.s. Don’t forget to continue your holiday shopping through the Art of Simple Gift Guide — in doing so, you’re supporting small businesses that care about good business, and you’re also supporting the work I do here. It really means a lot, so thank you.