5 Quick Things #157 🍂

Wood drakes, four words, Solzhenitsyn was right, & breaking bread with the dead

Hey there,

Yesterday I got a smidge of cool breeze on my skin here in Central Texas, and I remembered what it’s like to not be constantly hot and to once more love being outside. Our weekend plans are now officially back in the backyard, prepping our fall garden, working on the chicken coop in progress, and draining our summer pool. Ah, fall… Please stay. 🙏

I know my beloved west coast is also enduring unfathomable fire, smoke, and ash, and my prayers are with you.

An artist in Dubai works on his attempt to create the world’s largest painting on canvas. #

5 Quick Things ☕️

1. Right now, it’s wise for all of us to think like a homeschooler, even if we’re not one …because we all kinda are. I both podcasted and wrote about this idea.

2. People are great except when they’re not. "This is a lesson I learned not from some highfalutin theologian, but from Laura Ingalls Wilder."

3. Since homeschooling was on my mind this week, I nodded along with gusto as I read this excellent piece.

4. Three reasons to keep blogging. Amen. (p.s. I plan to keep up with more blog-style writing here after 2020 for all these reasons, and more.)

5. This week I went back to one of my favorite all-time short poems. It pinpricks the swelling anxiety.

Quotable 💬

“Ah, September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul... but I must confess that I love you only because you are a prelude to my beloved October.”

― Peggy Toney Horton #

Time Machine ⏰

Three years ago I wrote about four little words I add to emails when I can, and it still makes a big difference.

Elsewhere 📍

Have a good weekend,

xo, Tsh

p.s. I’m currently reading this, this, this, and this, and goodness, all of them are excellent. Reading anything good right now? I’d love to know!