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Literary London, July 2019

Welcome to Books & Crannies by me, Tsh Oxenreider, a writer of books and other sundry. I love talking with likeminded folks who want to know and love the world’s nooks and crannies (and the people who live in them), whether it’s by being there first-hand, or with a drink in a favorite chair, absorbed in a great story.

Substack provided a blank field asked me to describe my readers. I wrote:

Loyal, thoughtful book nerds who love to (or long to) travel, who ask good questions, and who'd rather gather with good drinks next to trees over pretending to have fun at a loud party.

I honestly can't think of better folks than this. If this is you, pull up a chair — you’re in the right place.

(Head here to read more about me and this space, if you’d like.)

I’m a long-time podcaster and blogger, gradually winding down my long-running blog, The Art of Simple, in 2020. After several nonfiction books under my belt, I’m slowly eking out my first novel. I lead Literary London, a pilgrimage for women artists and entrepreneurs, and I’m still spellbound I’m privileged to do so. I’m a nomadic homebody besotted with wanderlust and a 4w5 INTJ Ravenpuff Christian with more questions than answers.

And yep, it's spelled correctly.

I’d love you to come along for the ride:

I’m so grateful for digital spaces like Books & Crannies, where likeminded folks can gather. And yet, in-person is even better — which is why a few of us did in my little town in October 2019. These are loyal readers and listeners who craved in-person time together, away from the screen:

Georgetown, Texas, October 2019

What a beautiful picture of how the internet can bring people together.

- Tsh