My 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! 🎁

...Yep, it's another one.

You’ve no doubt come across tens of holiday gift lists already, especially because of news that we should purchase even earlier than usual this year. I’ve stated what I think about the pressure to buy early and then buy some more — but I’m also not an ascetic and unrealistic. We love giving gifts to each other.

I’ve long been convicted that we vote with our dollars, yet this year it’s felt even truer. If we want to keep our local shops open, we need to prioritize shopping there. It’s what I plan to do this holiday season.

But because I’m not unrealistic, I also know we need to shop online sometimes. That’s okay! Especially when we go a bit out of our way to shop small — or at least a little smaller than that which rhymes with Shlamazon.

If you’d like to point some of your online shopping toward non-monopolies, head here:

My 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Enjoy browsing what I’ve enjoyed curating — and if you do make a purchase, at no extra cost to you you’ll also help support my work. I’m so grateful for this small act of kindness in advance.

To my fellow Americans — I hope you have a restful and delicious Thanksgiving week, and to all of you — happy holidays! I’m so glad it’s this time of year. I’ll see you again in your inbox this Friday with this week’s 5 Quick Things.

Oremus pro invicem,


p.s. Advent begins this Sunday, November 28… If you don’t yet have a copy of Shadow & Light, it’s not too late to order yours! You can also still make your own beeswax candles — it’s one of our family’s favorite traditions.

p.p.s. If you’re the praying sort, I’d be grateful for yours today. My middle kiddo is undergoing surgery this morning, and while it’s a pair of very common procedures and he’ll be home by this afternoon, it’s always nerve-wracking when it’s our kids, isn’t it? I’d love your prayers for guidance for the doctors’ hands, as painless a recovery as possible, and extra resilience for me this week as his main caregiver. Thank you already. 🙏