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Loved reading through this list. Gave me many ideas for 2021. I’m glad you finally gave gardening and chickens a go and you did SO well with your produce for being your first year. Pantsuit Politics, The Good List and The Lazy Genius were about all I could listen to podcast wise this year. You are dead on with Pantsuit Politics. Being an election year, on top of the political opinions around Covid, it literally helped me stand up and keep moving some days. I also took your advice and put my money where my eyes and ears are- I’m now a supporter of Beth and Sarah and YOU! Happy New Year Tsh! :)

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I appreciate (and admire!) your thoroughness with this and all your recommendations. I've been "curating" my personal intake so much more than I used to and it's great to have some ideas for quality content that I may not have come across before. Thank you!

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I sent that GK Chesterton quote to my boyfriend - perfectly summed up a letter I wrote him about how I’d always wanted to go on adventures but I’m realising adventure is a mindset for how to live, not something you go and find. (We’ve been official for a month and I’ve already mentioned Tsh at least three times... ooops)

I think I’d put in Once Upon A Time as y tv choice. I’m watching it for the third time, alternating between breaks, slow watching and binges. I’m more convinced than ever that it is art and the best representation of different types of love ever shown in TV. It’s focus on family and what constitutes family is AMAZING but also feels real despite the fairy tale theme.

Can I also add in a food category? Though it would be joint between learning to make my own ramen and my local independent cafe doing take away pizza twice a week since lockdown 1 in Britain. I’m now addicted to ramen and make it in bulk in my slow cooker. I also watched all of French Guy Cooking’s ramen videos to perfect my stock. My independent cafe makes margherita pizza but puts sundried tomatoes on top. It’s my monthly treat and I look forward to it every payday (which is today! So Saturday night is pizza night).

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Wow! That quote on home hit the make for me. Never did I know what the word home would come to mean when I picked it for my word of the year last January. I had chosen it for a many reasons, one of them that I was out and about too much. Too many social engagements and meetings and my family was getting tired of me being gone so much. How that changed in a way I never would have thought! Thank you for that quote.

A couple of my yearly favorites: I discovered the music of JS Ondara, who moved to Minneapolis (where I live) from Kenya years ago and was inspired by Bob Dylan. This was obviously a hard year in our city, and his music got me through a few very scary and tumultuous weeks.

As for a book, Minneapolis author (and my pastor! I guess I’m sharing all the Mpls love today) Meta Herrick Carlson released a beautiful book called Ordinary Blessings. So much comfort in her words.

Thanks for all your words this year Tsh! Happy New Year!

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I had LOTS of favorite books, but one I just got to read over Christmas break was The Return of the Thief by Megan Whalen Turner. It's the last of her fabulously twisty middle grade/YA The Queen's Thief series and it delivered a very satisfying conclusion. Also, I wanted to tell Tsh that after meaning to watch it since hearing her recommendation way back earlier in 2020, I finally watched About Time on NYE and it was just as lovely as she promised!

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Wow, that is indeed a thorough list and I admire your ability to create it. Here are just a few of the things that gave me life in the past year.


David Tennant Does a Podcast With... His guest list is so broad and his interview style so beautifully informal. Loooved it.

Strong Sense of Place - Many thanks to Dave and Mel for whisking me away to parts unknown through their book descriptions alone, never mind the ones I've actually read so far that have been fantastic.

Wandering the Desert - Only discovered this one in the last month of the year, but quickly gobbled up all available episodes. From the Apple Podcasts description, "This podcast aims to normalize the struggles and the difficulties of the spiritual life without relying on sagacious advice or strategies." I have felt every episode on a deeply personal level.

TV Series:

Schitt's Creek - my son and I wrapped up this series just last week and we absolutely fell in love with the Rose family as well as so many of the local residents. A deceptively beautiful representation of humanity in all our failings and triumphs, ugliness and beauty. So satisfying.

Great British Bake Off - it always soothes my soul

Artists Pandemic Inspired Offerings:

Yeah, I made up this category just so I could mention Michael Franti's daily uploads of music from his home back in the early days of the pandemical times. An afternoon shot of hope, they were.

Taika Waititi also brought me great joy as he and all sorts of his friends read through James and the Giant Peach. It was unpolished and light and fun. Everything he does makes my heart smile, as well as my face.

Thanks, Tsh, for creating this space. It has been a source of peace and belonging throughout the year. Whether I am fully engaged or not, I am so impressed by your ability to gather such kind, interesting, and thoughtful people from around the globe. It gives me hope.

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Thank you for writing this list and for the 20 questions! I will start my small group off with these questions. The Next Right Thing has been my top podcast for the year. I think you recommended it. :) My favorite book was Uncle Tom's Cabin. That was a surprise for me. My favorite show was Victoria. The favorite thing I made this year was enlarging our garden to the entire front yard. I cannot wait for the flowers to bloom again this summer! Thanks for your wonderful influence on my life!

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Thank you for the link to the Libresco article, it is a gift as it put into words misgivings that I've had for some time.

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