I have the dumb phone episode playing right now (on my smartphone!) -- So glad you shared this now. My husband was very seriously thinking about switching down to a dumb phone. I was as well. Our biggest hangup was podcasts! And music! And then we started thinking of all the other things, maps, the fact that our daughters nature preschool has us check her in with an app. It certainly is the next line of thinking though, after you delete social media. And this idea of inconvenience being good for us. We've been talking about that a lot lately too. Thinking of writing something along those lines. I think about that time we were in Ireland without smartphones and we had to ask for directions and grab rides and talk to strangers. None of that ever would have happened if we had the convenience of a smartphone. I sometimes wonder in my day-to-day life, with all the ease I have, all the experiences I'm simply not having. Is it worth it? I don't know

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That is such a sweet story about Ginny. Dogs really amaze me sometimes. Have you ever read the poem "My Puppy," by Aileen Fisher? This reminded me of it. It's a sweet little children's poem:

It's funny, my puppy knows just how I feel

When I'm happy, he's yappy, and squirms like an eel

When I'm grumpy, he's slumpy, and stays by my heel

It's funny, my puppy knows such a great deal

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Isn’t McDonald and Dobbs enjoyable? I rather like that thanks to the sheer number of British crime shows you can travel the breadth of Britain in them. Bath being a particularly scenic backdrop to this series.

I feel like I need to listen to Autumn’s episode again to encourage myself to gradually wean off my smartphone.

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