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Loved the podcast this week, thank you! Katy mentioned a podcast about Catholic psychology she listens to but I don't think she said the name and I don't see it in the show notes. Do you happen to know what it is? Thanks!

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Hi Lisa, Katy here! The psychology show I referred to is Interior Integration for Catholics: https://www.soulsandhearts.com/iic [which, for background, began as a response to helping folks stay stable during COVID quarantines, but blossomed into something much more substantive & timeless].

The poet I forgot I was quoting, who was interviewed in LA Review of Books, is Cathy Park Hong. I haven't read her yet, but an interview title like this one wakes up my ears: https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/lets-be-neurotic-together-a-conversation-with-cathy-park-hong/

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Oh awesome! Thanks so much for responding, Katy! I look forward to checking these out and your writing, too! Enjoyed your conversation with Tsh very much!

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