1. The ability of friends to multiply silliness and creativity

2. My cat, currently in loaf position on top of a stack of books

3. Hours ahead on the road to listen to an audiobook

4. Anticipation of gathering this week with many colleagues I've never met in person

5. Knowing that friends are off having an adventure

6. A downpour of rain after many hot days

7. My storybook house

8. Spontaneous phone call with a friend

9. Herbs in desserts (looking at you, lemon rosemary blondies!)

10. Wearing dresses in the summer

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100% to #10!

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I’m enjoying an audiobook right now, too! It is actually motivating me to get out and walk more!

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I find myself trying to squeeze in walks more when I have a good audiobook, too.

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Thank you for #5! Reminded me of a “dying to self” practice I had been trying to do that has me being thankful for others good fortunes instead of wallowing in my wants that don’t come to fruition. Found myself experiencing it right currently with a friend off on an adventure she regularly gets to partake in that is my favorite adventure but I rarely get to. I feel peace already!

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Have you ever read The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness by Tim Keller? It's a very short, powerful read.

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Loaf position. Har! I know exactly what you mean!

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Dresses! Yes!

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I love long drives for audio books!

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1. summer music festivals and the joy of good music shared with lots of other people (hey Pinkpop!)

2. freshly picked currants from our garden

3. the winding down school year (2 more weeks to go for our three teens)

4. the blessing of homeoffice for today

5. soon to be celebrated birthday of a special person

6. and lots of friends who will join us to celebrate

7. my porch swing and the view from it

8. nice and friendly clients that are a pleasure to work with (to be treasured for sure, not all of them are like this)

9. new connections within our church - getting to know some people better during our church retreat has fed my soul (we are meant to have real connections to thrive but you already know that)

10. having the opportunity to write this list and feel the joy bubbling up

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Joy from gratitude 🫧🫧🫧🥰

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Summer live music is lovely!

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#2 - I am enjoying the same! Such a gift to have currant bushes in our new home. It's fun to see how others enjoy the same simple pleasures

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Yes to #10! I loved writing my list out, a reminder on how important it is to sit and think intentionally about the specific things we're grateful for :)

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1. A cup of coffee to start the day

2. My dog, Rhoda, who loves to snuggle as I drink my coffee

3. My kitten, Ellie Mae, who wakes me every morning precisely at 5:30

4. The ability to learn a new skill—crochet

5. My horses and the dirt roads I ride

6. My dishwasher (I have lived in this house for 20 years without one)

7. The farmer’s market that allows me to bake and not have to eat everything myself

8. Forums to read and a stack of TBR books

9. Retirement that gives me time

10. My health

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3. Oh... yes! I live with three and 5 am is their "wake up human" time.

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Hooray for dishwashers. Wouldn’t want to miss mine, too!!!

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Oh, I miss horses and dirt roads so much! But I'll be glad that's something you get to enjoy, and maybe they'll be a part of my life again someday!

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Health is so often taken for granted. ❤️

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#8 makes me so so so happy! 📚and #9 for the time to do it!

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1. Seeing kids grow emotionally and physically over the summer.

2. Learning to play guitar.

3. Premade veggie trays that get animated by my tween boys.

4. Phone calls with a friend of ten years.

5. Air conditioning

6. The schedule send button in Gmail.

7. A reading life

8.My blended playlist with my husband

9. The ability to listen and live music.

10. Bedtime snuggles with Cheeseburger the cat.

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A reading life….yes!

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Love the name of your cat 🍔

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Thank you. His legal name is Sergeant Cheeseburger. My family wouldn't be the same without our goofy kitty dude.

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Animated veggies!

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Whoops big thumbs. Annihilated lol

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Schedule send is a glorious thing, and I love your cat's name!

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1) A lovely church picnic yesterday

2) Our backyard and pool

3) Running outside when it's not too hot

4) Quiet in the early mornings

5) Library books

6) Listening to a new Bible Study podcast (The Word of the Lord Endures Forever)

7) Reading Charlotte's Web aloud to my twins

8) Our school community

9) Anticipating the start of a new job

10) Meal prep help from my older girls

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The public library is one of my most favorite places. I try to find one wherever I go- I have a folder on my phone with pictures of public libraries!

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That is so lovely! I also love libraries.

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Love a good podcast Bible study!

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1. My new flowers coming up from seeds

2. FaceTime with my daughter several states away

3. Eating a poke bowl from HEB

4. Beautiful drive on a new to me country road

5. Picking up my nephews from serving at a camp for those with exceptional needs

6. My Life Group (Sunday school class)

7. Time on my porch this morning

8. Walking my dog, George

9. Rainwater for the plants

10. Sunglasses 😎

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#1 is magic!!

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as a daughter living states away, i can echo #2 from the other perspective!

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1. The feeling of coming back home after a few days of vacation

2. Neighbors

3. Coffee in bed with my dog

4. Air conditioning

5. Being able to delegate things to God’s to-do list instead of carrying the burden myself

6. Happy and healthy near adult children

7. The ability to forgive

8. A clean bedroom

9. God showing up in the most random places

10. Learning to be in the present

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love this list! Numbers 4 & 5 especially!

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Jun 24·edited Jun 24

1. The rainny season and the green that appears everywhere.

2. Enjoying a holiday today... the quiet and personal day it allows.

3. The three cats that live with me, and keep themselves within my coverage area when I am home.

4. The birds singing close to my window.

5. Start reading a new book.

6. Having a wonderful afternoon with a dear friend.

7. The smell at the baker's when bread comes out of the ovens.

8. A beautiful photo my nephew sent, the smiles on their faces -he and his wife- are wonderful.

9. Be able to come here and read, and share.

10. The chocolate. -always grateful for it-

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Amen on chocolate!

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1. Living in the PNW where complaining about the weather is a common pastime, but it is almost never too cold or too hot or very dry.

2. Baby bunnies in the yard (even if it means I have to get creative protecting young plants!)

3. Fragrant flowers blooming outside, especially honeysuckle and carnations, but also lavender and roses.

4. A husband who cooks most our meals.

5. Conversations about God and prayer with my teenage daughter.

6. My adult daughter listening to John Mark McMillan this morning in the other room.

7. Inter library loans and a stack of books I otherwise wouldn’t get to read.

8. Coffee on quiet summer mornings.

9. Discovering we have Purple Martins amongst our yearly swallow visitors this year.

10. The deep goodness of my ailing father-in-law and the anticipation of truly missing him coupled with the opportunity to make the most of the time he has left.

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#8 is a favorite of mine too

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1. The smell of oranges

2. Poolside reads

3. Mexican food with friends

4. Papaw's chair

5. Summer concert plans

6. My parents' impending 50th Wedding Anniversary

7. Roadtrips with a (good, exceptional, perfect) playlist

8. My nephew's 4th birthday joy

9. Herbal tea

10. Modern medicine's ability to do a heart transplant

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The smell of oranges is so lovely.

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Jun 24·edited Jun 24

Yes! It makes me so happy! I am glad I am not alone.

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1) Good friends who trust us to house sit/dog sit while they are away.

2) Taking advantage of our new location to explore new restaurants.

3) Dirty Martinis served in vintage glasses

4) Homemade hummus with fresh pickled vegetables

5) Nights of sleep over 7 hours

6) Our son is doing well and loving his internship in Orlando

7) Taking walks in a new neighborhood

8) Power of prayer to prevent my thoughts from going on a downward spiral

9) Being spoiled by my husband in so many ways

10) Moments of solitude to recenter, refresh, and renew

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More than 7 hours of sleep, YES!🙌

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1. Plump, juicy blueberries waiting to be picked in the front yard

2. Going to sleep in the arms of the man I married 51 years ago

3. Buttermilk skies

4. Night skies alive with bling

5. The very first blooms on my new Peace rosebush

6. Good health

7. Snickerdoodles in the oven

8. An unabashedly Catholic wedding

9. Arriving at a long-awaited family reunion

10. On vacation camping, awakening to all the sounds, sights and smells of being immersed in nature

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number 2 brought tears to my eyes, along with hope and encouragement for my young marriage!

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1.) watching my about-to-launch teens find their things and lean hard into to them

2.) summertime adventures with friends

3.) college visits and time to connect in the car

4.) the repairmen fixing both washer and dryer this morning

5.) an abundance of strawberries to the point of absurd and thus fancy strawberry ice cubes in my water

6.) risking letting people in and accidentally discovering a new kindred spirit along the way

7.) pressing flowers for art projects and the strangers that let us pick from their gardens

8.) the rainy wet year and abundance of fireflies it brought

9.) the local buy nothing group and everyday generosity on repeat

10.) writing again, after a long season when words in my head never made it to paper

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1. Sleeping late.

2. Morning teatime.

3. Tower fan that is always on.

4. No migraines last week.

5. A sharpened pencil.

6. Stacks of books to read.

7. Flowers blooming outside the kitchen window.

8. New daisy and strawberry print bedsheets.

9. A room of my own.

10. My husband loves to cook outside on the grill which keeps the house cooler.

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Numbers 2 and 4! Yay!

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1. Air conditioning!

2. Living on a hill and being safe from floods.

3. My sister coming to visit today

4. Fresh eggs and cabbage and my mom's generosity with produce.

5. My kids having good friends to play with over the weekend.

6. My husband's raise at work.

7. A lineup of fun books for the summer.

8. Having my boys home to mess up the house on summer break.

9. Sunflowers from one neighbor and mulch from the other.

10. Coffee.

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1. My new office and the boundaries it provides in my workplace

2. time on the weekends to hang out with my 18 yo daughter

3. three more months with my daughter before she goes to college!

4. ONLY 3 more months until she goes to college!

5. a text that my son is coming home for a few days before he moves father away.

6. that my son is in a position to move farther away and enjoy his life

7. warmer weather

8. s;more's on the back porch with my daughter

9. that my husband is looking forward to bbq ing for dinner tonight

10. that we are in the place I can share 2 window ac units with a friend in need.

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I feel like I can relate so strongly to your combo of 3/4!

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1. I'm turning 58 this week, which seems both crazy and fascinating to me.

2. Feeling healthy and strong even as I close in on 60.

3. Family and friends who love me just the way I am.

4. A growing sense of loving myself just the way I am ... with room for tweaks. 😉

5. God's kindness and mercy in blessing me with a life that's been above and beyond what I ever could have imagined.

6. The ability to be thankful for my life even though it also contains unforeseen challenges at this stage.

7. The flowers that are busting out blooming all over our yard despite my not-quite-green thumb.

8. My long-time friend who is up visiting from Maryland this week ... always a pleasure to spend time with her.

9. Morning walks on a local cranberry bog ... ever changing every morning, season after season.

10. The amazing fruit available at this time of year ... strawberries and cantaloupe that taste like candy!

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Love #4. You succinctly captured the lifelong journey of accepting grace and having gentleness with ourselves while discerning how to admit our faults, embrace change, and be willing to step into uncomfortable situations. Glad to know you have such loving and supportive friends (#3) and are able to practice gratitude in the midst of disorienting situations (#6). Happy 58th birthday - may it be a year of hope, renewal, and growth.

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Thank you for your kind words and wishes, Robyn … I really appreciate your encouragement!

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1. the reminder to give thanks!

2. the ability to make "tacoritas" for my guys

3. the first batch of strawberry jam bejeweling my counter

4. the health to work today

5. laughter with friends yesterday

6. dearly bethany fashion videos

7. prayer runs

8. snuggles before getting up

9. garmin watch/app to see progress

10. the sun bravely peeking through

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1. I am grateful to be in a living/work space where I am treated with patience, understanding, and respect.

2. I am grateful that the kids I'm taking care of are growing so much.

3. I am grateful that Pablito is taking more of an interest in the world around him instead of defaulting to the same two activities like before.

4. I am grateful that Javi finally believes I am here long term, to the point where he can even joke about it.

5. I am grateful for being surrounded by a Christian culture that actually lives out Christian values, as opposed to those who just pay it lip service.

6. I am grateful that I've been able to rest.

7. I am grateful that I'm getting married soon.

8. I am grateful that I have friends who love and support me.

9. I am grateful for the constant access to good food I have here in Chiapas.

10. I am grateful that rainy season has begun.

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I'm loving all of these. What a beautiful tradition 💜

1. The everyday moments that everyone has highlighted that remind me our lives are sweet and beautiful and special

2. Small villages

3. Family vacations

4. Fresh, homebaked goods

5. The first garden harvest (corn and squash and peaches!)

6. Good health

7. Writing time

8. A washer and dryer

9. Long walks

10. An appetite

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#1! So good!!

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#4. Best ever!

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1. Picking blueberries

2. Trying new baked good recipes (latticed blueberry pie)

3. New music/new to me music - The Decemberists new album, and started listening to Blue Water Highway after Tsh’s podcast

4. Gardening for fun instead of for production - any produce we’ve gotten has felt like more like a gift

5. A backyard pool and hot enough weather to really enjoy it

6. Weekend trips to visit grandparents

7. Summer salads and fruit

8. Moving into a new phase of reading chapter books to my kids

9. Church-wide Wednesday night Bible study with potluck dinner. Nothing sweeter than seeing all those kids be friends and eat dinner together each week

10. Books - currently Four Seasons in Rome and A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23

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1. Finally making it to church and being moved by a really wonderful sermon.

2. My new job going well so far. Good environment and good co-workers!

3. Our new home in the Finger Lakes area.

4. The road opposite our apartment, where my husband and I take a walk every evening.

5. Wildflowers on the side of the road.

6. Enjoying a pot of tea this morning.

7. The temperature finally cooling a little.

8. My husband making me a sandwich to take to work.

9. A CD of Henry VIII music which I love!

10. Reading everyone's lists of gratitude!

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I love being thankful for a good, near road to walk!

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1.rekindling a love for the daily practice of journaling

2. Fresh tomatoes

3. Our families upcoming Chrismation in the Orthodox Church

4. My Little girls in ballet clothes - so stinkin cute

5. The boys hunting and fishing club that my 7 year old is starting. A few of his buddies are coming over to discuss club rules in the morning. Rubber band guns, sling shots, and pocket knives required 🤣🤣

6. The little house on the prairie seasons 1-3 dvd set that I found at the thrift store this week.

7. A beloved group of women that I get to spend time with in a book club / sharing the road of homeschooling our kids with them.

8. Grapefruit juice on ice on a hot summer day

9. My steady and selfless husband who hung with our kids solo for most of the weekend so that I could spend time with old friends who were passing through town

10. Our Priest and his family who will be moving to another parish soon. We are so sad they are leaving but so grateful for their friendship and guidance into the Orthodox faith.

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I am so glad for your #3! I hope someday I can say the same thing.

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1. a list of ten because three is not enough

2. God

3. the golden spires of mullein that has popped up everywhere I look...and thistle

4. a cool-ish day that snuck in between the blast furnace days

5. The Honey Field by Laura Boggess

6. learning to rest for the sake of wellness

7. when a good country song feels just right

8. the laundry is caught up

9. tomorrow is Grandma Day

10. when most of the seeds germinate

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#8! Haha, it is rare but always a delight.

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1. The inner well of peace being filled by reading the current Grat Chats.

2. Solitude

3. Fish breaking the glassy lake

4. That decaf coffee exists, because it’s after 1pm

5. A faithful spouse for over 39 years

6. Summer sleep away camps

7. Hosting old friends

8. Hosting new friends

9. Pictures of my Grands

10. Books

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Thank you for #5. I can often forget to be thankful in the midst of disagreements that this is something to cling to gratefully.

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Yes!! To # 4 Tsh

1. My beautiful granddaughter. She’s growing up so fast.

2. Our upcoming trip to NYC to see our beautiful park ranger.

3. Closing chapters in PR.

4. Anticipating the start of a new season for us.

5. Great neighbors that turn on our car and attend our house while we transition.

6. A recently retired husband that loves to cook.

7. The privilege of having solar panels and air conditioning in PR.

8. Our health

9. Morning and Evening walks with my husband.

10. The feeling of knowing that your adult children are doing great.

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#10–we are not there yet, but this is lovely!

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1. The unexpected grace of moving and downsizing

2. Gardens to tend and shape and share

3. A new season of life with my husband -our daily walks with our dogs

4. A grandbaby on the way

5. Friends - both old and new

6. Phone calls with my parents

7. Weekend visits from our granddaughter

8. A neighborhood that reminds me of the whole wide world

9. My baby pool / deck/ sunporch - places that speak of summer to me

10. A fresh open air market near my house

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1. Helpful people on challenging health insurance calls.

2. Riding on our family shared scooter, and as my son says, it is hard to stop!

3. Spending time outside and how it brings joy and peace

4. Having time to nap and read on the couch in the afternoon

5. Summer sunsets

6. Sharing tea and lettering with my daughter

7. Wearing dresses in the summer

8. Putting letters in the mailbox

9. Watching my cat sleep on my lap

10. Remembering the good

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1. Can be truly a gift!! Glad that you had that.

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1. My prescription sunglasses

2. Goggles

3. A city pool with summer memberships and swim lessons

4. The school year finally ended (kids' last day was 6/11, mine was 6/14)

5. Sleeping in and afternoon naps

6. A quick AC fix last week

7. Looking forward to a trip to the NC mountains next week

8. Getting to celebrate my Dad's birthday with a family cookout

9. A long overdue lunch with my best friend

10. Kids who can empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, and mow the lawn!

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1. My husband who is so much more than I deserve

2. My son, “the best little boy in the whole solar system”

3. A real old-fashioned VBS put on by a neighborhood church that is full of decorations and snacks and crafts and my kiddo is just loving it.

4. That it is SO much less humid than it was last week.

5. More ripe cherries than we know what to do with, and the time and money to go pick them from a local orchard

6. My church

7. My son’s piano teacher, who is such a blessing in so many ways.

8. The call to repentance

9. Black Forest Breakfast Custard which my husband made this morning. (See #5 and #1)

10. Candles

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1. A new house with room for the kids to run

2. Naptime

3. Roses

4. A husband who gives a helping hand

5. A close friendship with my husband and mom

6. Ice cream!

7. A good book

8. Movie night

9. My sweet new baby

10. Iced coffee

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Grateful for:

1) Having friendships that have lasted and grown for over a decade

2) Getting to see that over-a-decade-long friend in person

3) Driving around town in summer with music blasting

4) Having evenings that are cool enough to walk around the neighborhood despite a week of 90 degree weather

5) Baking with my dad

6) Living (relatively) close to nice beaches and beach towns

7) My semi-aloof cat deciding to stand (not sit) on my lap for a few minutes

8) Being able to focus on small victories

9) The fiction book I just finished

10) My devotional that lets me sandwich my day with thoughtful beautiful prayers morning and night

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1. Listening to my sons learn to play the piano

2. Lemon pound cake (Aran Goyoaga’s recipe)

3. Fine Art as the TV screensaver

4. Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry + book darts

5. My mom + dad make us Greek yogurt every week

6. Holding a sleeping baby

7. Zinnia’s from a friend

8. Watercolor

9. Clear pool on a hot day

10. A husband that can fix anything

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Freeman, THANK YOU for mentioning Aran Goyoaga! I'd never heard of her before, but now I've got both of her books on hold at my local library. : )

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1) A cup of coffee at first light.

2) A quiet, slow morning.

3) The beach.

4) My teenagers having the opportunity to travel abroad - without me!

5) My health.

6) A roadtrip with my hubby.

7) Realizing everyday how lucky I am.

8) Listening to my daughters shared playlist.

9) Remembering to breathe and not take things personally.

10) A lovely conversation with my favorite Aunt.

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1. The fun and joy our new puppy has brought to our lives this summer

2. Old friends

3. The excitement and anticipation of being home after traveling

4. Flowering trees in my neighborhood

5. Reading on the couch on rainy summer afternoons

6. Grilling for dinner (don't have to turn the oven on! easy enjoyable leftovers!)

7. The feeling of being a little sunburned and a little sore after a weekend outside

8. Needing new tires on the car and having funds saved to take care of it

9. Podcasts and teachers who expand my understanding of who God is

10. A Friday afternoon margarita

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1. My kids loving swim lessons this year (a first for the 5 year old)

2. Comfortable linen shorts in the summer

3. My giant stroller for the little kids

4. Anxiety meds— 100% life changing!

5. My husband’s newish job and hard work that is allowing us to breathe a little financially

6. Reading nostalgic kids books

7. A reprieve from the recent heat wave

8. The objectivity of Marquette vs Creighton

9. The new roof rack we put on our minivan

10. Getting better/faster at routines and getting out the door

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1. My 1st time reading all these lists!

2. Having an empty nest after 28 years

3. All the laundry is done!!!!

4. My early morning time with God on the front porch.

5. Getting ready for church camp next week, I love being a counselor to teen girls.

6. Fresh peaches from the front yard.

7. Watching 2 baby deer come by every morning.

8. The birds singing

9. It finally rained yesterday

10. Discussing books with my oldest daughter.

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1. one-day reads

2. donuts

3. anticipation

4. baby squish

5. toddler “snuggies”

6. connection

7. help

8. fancy drinks

9. air conditioning

10. audiobooks

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1. Morning walk with a friend

2. A good book at the end of a long day

3. My beautiful planners (homeschool, goal, weekly, daily) that keep me organized

4. Houseplants to tend and care for

5. Our backyard pool after living without one (in FL) my whole life

6. A trip to Asheville with my husband while my kids spent a week at camp

7. Fun travel plans in the future

8. My 2 crazy dogs

9. My crepe myrtles blooming in my backyard

10. Slow summer nights to savor and enjoy time with my family

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1. Hope&Plum baby carrier- beautiful and necessary for baby #3

2. Smitten kitchen strawberry summer cake and the 3 days it took me to prep the minimal amount of ingredients

3. Salad greens from local farm

4. A job I enjoy to ease the sadness of maternity leave ending

5. Lonesome dove- not my usual genre but such a good/long read!

6. A comfortable rocking chair

7. Learning to live in my season, and enjoy the smallness of it

8. Fights that lead to deeper connection and better communication

9. A better breastfeeding experience

10. Endless pool days in our small plastic yard pool

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1. The reminder to be grateful amongst the chaos of life at the moment

2. The celebration of Matariki here in New Zealand, particularly the time to reflect on past, present and future

3. My newborn niece and all the joy she brings

4. Long winter evenings spent knitting

5. Hearty winter soups

6. Catching up with many of my cousins and their families recently

7. The importance of family that my grandparents instilled in us that meant we value these opportunities to catch up

8. My health

9. Good books

10. Sunny winter days

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1. My new grandson born 10 days ago.

2.Beautiful churches

3. The first tomatoe of summer

4. My Cat Boys

5. My 3 beautiful healthy children

6.Chicken Wings


8.My morning coffee made by hubby

9.A beautiful sunset

10.My cozy home

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