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The antiques festival looks AMAZING! My mother and I used to go antique-ing when I was a kid and I've been pondering starting this tradition with my own daughter. My momma (and last living parent) passed away from cancer on Feb. 27, and in my grief I have had a renewed appreciation for treasured items of generations past.

I'm currently on book 3 of the Wingfeather Saga and just heard about the show. I've basically become an evangelist for how astoundingly good these stories are, but I'm hesitant to see the animated adaptation. 🤔

Thanks for sharing the ETP essay - "because there was nowhere to change the diapers of their robber babies" made me cackle out loud!

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Just got back from Round Top... It truly is a delight! I love thinking of all the stories from those treasures. 💛

And yes, Wingfeather is SO good! ...I was truly on the fence about the animated series, but my kids (ages 12-18) really enjoy them, so that tells me something.

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I was just talking with a coworker who has chickens about the process of getting them. My daughter and I would love to. Hhmm...

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Almost two weeks late in commenting but I too was intrigued by that smartwatch in place of a phone experiment. It is very tempting for me - but then I worry also it will become a(nother) piece of tech I don't use.

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