disappearances, disagreements, disconnections, & the good ol' days
when you can't un-know what you now know
vibrant intersections, Scottish islands, the man in the arena, and mamas
orange cars, stolen attention, symbiosis, & accordion-loving cows
What does she question? What keeps her up at night?
walking, talking, decluttering, and going slow
What Are Your Daily Bookends? 🧐You guys are intentional with your time, you care about the world around you, and you get the important things done β€” or at minimum, you *want* …
neighbors, conversions, boundaries, and time travel
by Walker Percy
aggressive friendliness, wildflowers, dopamine hits, & instigators of WWI
drops in the bucket, quick cleanups, hard-to-stomach truths, & buttery words
most especially when the world is aflame