Book Chat: February '23 πŸ“šHello! We say it all the ding-dang time, but let’s just say it again: where has the time gone? It’s hard to believe it’s already February. But l…

January 2023

buses, buildings, bells, & beasts (...that is, dogs)
When is "Lex" Not a Superman Villain?Listen now | #137
or, a treatise on why we should read well
winter walks, good farming, beauty making, & planets
Grat Chat: January '23 πŸ™ŒGood morning, and hello to another week in Ordinary Time! Let's do a gratitude chat, shall we? I need it, and I bet you need it too. Share TEN t…
healthy boredom, staying put, rules of life, & building character
Why Cold Showers? And No Dairy?Listen now (36 min) | The new year kicks off with Seth in bed with the flu, so even though he musters up the strength to chat, in this episode it's…
be like St. Benedict β€” everyone's doing it
imagination, catechesis, staying put, & going home
Book Chat: January '23 πŸ“šHello, and Happy 2023! I hope you've been enjoying a good holiday break, whatever that may look like for you. I'm still enjoying the slow pace b…

December 2022

Spend time recognizing 2022 before planning 2023