Apr 21 • 36M

Why Switch to a Dumbphone?

Ep. 143

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Tsh Oxenreider
Writers and friends Seth Haines & Tsh Oxenreider chat over drinks about living sacramentally—seeing God in all things. Pour yourself a glass and pull up a chair as they talk about the sacramental nature of work, art, community, stories, love, the hard stuff, & more.
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We've reached a fever pitch with smartphones, and more and more people aren't sure what to do anymore with these computers in our pockets. Is it time to throw them in a river and "downgrade" to older school flip phones? Some folks are. Autumn Kern is one such person, and in this episode, she chats with Tsh about why she'll never go back. She makes the case that smartphones are turning us into gnostics, they're depleting us of our virtue, and they're depriving us of true community, instead giving us dopamine hits of a faux version of connection. The trade-off? A more beautiful life!